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NitroCleanTM Plus

Used extensively as preventative maintenance in industrial and elevator systems. Elevator modernization contractors use NitroCleanTM to insure integrity of motor/generator sets and hoist machines, which see increased loading when modernized. Numerous hospitals, nursing homes, as well as production lines schedule annual NitroCleanTM service.

NitroCleanTM – Plus includes:

  • Record meg Ohm readings on all isolated circuits.
  • Isolate and test Brush Rigging.
  • Clean the unit using our NitroCleanTM process.
  • Insulate electrical components with class F insulator.
  • Dress commutator and undercutting.
  • Record meg ohm readings after cleaning.
  • Submit report detailing test results and recommendations.

Download our NitroCleanTM 2015 PDF