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What is NitroCleanTM ?

NitroCleanTM is an innovative process using a specific combination of inert, high pressure, non-flammable, moisture free gas, with electronically safe, environmentally friendly cleaners which remove carbon, dust, grease and foreign materials from the internal components of electrical equipment. Developed and tested for over 25 years by McIntosh Industries Inc., it is successfully used in elevator, industrial motor, and electronic applications.

NitroCleanTM provides service companies and end-users with tremendous savings. Machine life is extended, and costly repairs reduced with regular NitroCleanTM treatments. The safe, on-site process eliminates the costly expense of disconnecting, removing and shipping your equipment to a repair facility for reconditioning.

Tested and Documented

With NitroCleanTM down time is reduced to a fraction of times associated with traditional methods of equipment service. Testing is performed before and after a NitroCleanTM and a test report is provided. NitroCleanTM affords the comfort of knowing the reliability of the machinery that is essential to safe and productive systems operations.

A Plan to Fit Your Budget and Needs

Three levels of NitroCleanTM services are available, NitroCleanTM – Basic, NitroCleanTM, and NitroCleanTM – Plus. If you are not sure which NitroCleanTM process is best for your individual application, a McIntosh Industries technical field supervisor will assist you.

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